How to Become Successful: Add Value to The World

People often say these days, that you should “follow your dreams.” There is a philosophy that, whatever you love to do, whatever you’re really passionate about, you will do well. Those of us who live in reality do take a fairly realistic approach to life, I think, and try to find some balance between what … Continue reading

How To Be Cool

How to be Cool; Why People Are Rude

It seems that a lot of people are rude these days. Here is a short list of rude things people do: Scowl –Stop giving the “too cool for school” look, people. Seriously. You just look depressed. Cast critical glances – “Who do you think you are with your flat front trousers and white shirt with … Continue reading

Coffee Shop Kindness

Coffee Shop Kindness

Several years ago, in Portland, Oregon, I was hanging out with my friend Rick Spurlock and some friends from high school. These guys were straight out of Portlandia, class-A stoners. They lived in an old Victorian style house with a pirate flag out front. The place was covered in filth. A couple of them had … Continue reading

How to Be Famous; Become Successful… at Anything

A lot of people want to become famous, but few have the will to do so. And that’s all it really takes, will. I suspect that anyone in the United States could become famous, if they really want to. The first thing we need to establish here is that fame is typically a product of … Continue reading


How to Appreciate Classic Films; Even When They Don’t Have James Bond in Them

So your girlfriend is into classic films. Or maybe you don’t have a girlfriend but there’s a girl you like, she’s kind of sophisticated, and you’re looking for something in common. Or maybe you just want something in your life more sophisticated than your dollar store martini shaker or that half-read volume of Sherlock Holmes … Continue reading

This Week’s Most Awesome:

IGAL PALMOR For achievements in wit, for saying that the South Sinai Governor Mohamed Abdul Fadil Shousha: “…must have seen Jaws one time too many…” This was concerning the Shark attacks in Egypt that Fadil Shousha suspected to be a plot by Mossad. This is actually old news, but it only came to my attention … Continue reading

How to Date Celebrities; And Other Intimidating Girls

So you’ve got a celebrity crush, but you don’t think you could ever date her. I’m here to tell you that it can be done. How does one pick up a celebrity girl? The same way one picks up a regular girl, but it’s easier. It is, honest. So why is doing this easier with … Continue reading

How to be Awesome; Ten Rules

It must be said, first and foremost, that one can never be awesome just by labeling oneself as such. Awesomeness is a title that must be attributed to someone by others. You may be asking yourself, “Is this guy awesome? How does he know what constitutes awesomeness?” As to my own character, read on. With … Continue reading


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